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Issue #1

“The Killing Frost”
Nightwasp battles Weatherman and Narcissus—two of the hardest to book baddies in Comicdom. And a Superhero fundraiser poses a threat to Ward Woodcock’s chastity and Nightwasp’s leadership role with the Superhero Club of America!

Issue #2

“In the Talons of the Hen”
“Gasp!” Has somebody figured out that Ward Danforth Woodcock, III and Nightwasp are one and the same? As Ward investigates, he’s left to fight a fiendishly- feathered, new super villain alone when Ferret Lad deserts his post in order to score with a superhero groupie.

Issue #3

“Heavy Is the Head
that Wears the Mask”

Ward’s abandoned by his sidekick and beytrayed by his trusted butler! With his fortune gone and his reputation in ruins, Nightwasp is turned on by all the SCoA superheroes he’s supported financially for years. With super friends like them, who needs super villains?

Issue #4

“A Fright at the Opera”
We resume our saga with Waspy alone facing an epic existential crisis—broke and deserted by his sidekick and his super friends, our hero has to hurry to the Metro City Opera House to save the lady he loves. But can he make it before the final curtain falls on Buffy? If you like superheroes and opera, (and who doesn’t?!) you have to grab this issue!

Issue #5

“The Verdict is Vengeance”
“Gasp!” A bleeding-heart judge has just freed the Hen on a minor technicality… Okay, maybe not so minor… because he also released every baddie Nightwasp’s ever sent to prison! He’s also grounded our hero until he can convince a court psychologist that he’s mentally fit to fight crime! Forget Oberammergau, this issue’s the ultimate passion play!

Issue #6

“Bewitched, Bothered and Bemurdered”
Ward’s got a new love interest in socialite Happy Underbush, and an old crime-fighting friend returns to the fold. But alas, the magic that returns to Waspy’s life is dark and deadly as Manrod the Magician brings his evil act back to Metro City. Meanwhile, Wunder-Man continues to usurp our hero as the new leader of the Superhero Club of America. (Available 10/1/18)

Issue #7

“White Tie, Black Magic”
Will the death of Nightwasp and Ferret Lad force Ward Woodcock III to stand up Happy Underbush? Or will a super surprise save our heroes from Manrod’s infernal trap? Collectors take note, this issue also features the first appearance of Nightwasp’s newest ally Rough Rider and his trusty sidekick Bearback. (Available 1/1/18)

Anthology #1

The first story arc containing issues 1-5 is now available as a trade paperback for your binge-reading pleasure. Bookstores and resellers please note: the book has an ISBN on the back, and volume discounts are available!