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Nightwasp is a superhero satire centering on Nightwasp, his sidekick Ferret Lad, and their titanic struggles with super villains, jealous superheroes, greedy agents and rabid reporters!

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ISSUE 1 & 2   “A non-stop gigglefest!” “…I was laughing enough that it made my wife asking what the heck I was reading…” The

ISSUE 1 & 2  “Nightwasp’s humor swings hard. Right from the start, it’s packed with joke after joke and silly reference after silly reference”  “…plenty to love about Nightwasp and more than enough entertaining moments to make it worthwhile. If you’re a fan of campy parody and off-the-wall, Zucker Brothers-style humor, you’ll probably enjoy Nightwasp.”

ISSUE 1 “A very funny and beautifully rendered work that both satirizes the genre and commemorates the conventions of super hero comics in a way that every fan of costumed heroes will appreciate. It’s a wonderful blend of poking fun at the more ridiculous aspects of the subject that the mature mind can recognize while demonstrating the appeal to the eye and imagination remembered by the children we once were. Looking forward to the continuation of the story, although it won’t entail furiously turning a metal spinner rack until I spot the colorful “NIGHTWASP” banner above the new cover.” — Anthony Arena, 8/26/14

ISSUE 1 “This is a very funny spoof like the old Batman and Robin TV show. Quick read. Too funny!” — Krysta, 8/21/14

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